Dwaine Gipe(non-registered)
You certainly captured many fantastic wildlife images in the Falkland Island trip. Thank you for bringing so many nice images home for us to enjoy.
Dwaine Gipe(non-registered)
Enjoyed Cuba again. Thanks again for sharing.
Dwaine Gipe(non-registered)
Really enjoyed Cuba up to 794. Will see more as you post them.
Dwaine and Betty Gipe(non-registered)
Nice series of family and the new arrival.
Dwaine Gipe(non-registered)
MATH COUNTS VIDEO........I see lots of happy faces. What a great activity for students of exceptional standing. No one really loses. Thanks for taking the time to bring an overview of this fine activity.
Charlie Rosenthal(non-registered)
Thank you for sharing your excellent take on our joint experience.
Enjoying your Africa photographs. You certainly have a nice mix and blend of interesting images to share. Thanks for bringing these home for our enjoyment.
John T. Comerford(non-registered)
Jack: I felt like I was in Morocco. You really took the time to capture the architecture, climate, people, and especially the food. I loved the music too.

You have a gift and thanks for sharing it with us. John
Morocco... There sure are a lot of most interesting images here. I really like from page 29 the camels with the desert shadows. I got to page 45 and shall return.
Dwaine Gipe(non-registered)
Jack, We love the Outter Banks. Your #24 bay side pan and #42 Brick Wall are our favorites. Funny you should capture two images we do not recall seeing on our visits. Thanks for sending your album to us.
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